Corona Virus Free Smart Ordering System

Seamless and hygienic digital ordering solution

Get your restaurant or hotel menu corona free.

    • Restaurant menus carry 185.000 germs which is 30X more than the public toilets
    • London Metropolitan University tested touch screens at several restaurants and found those can cause serious infections
    • With our solution guest just scans the QR code with a regular smartphone camera and the web-based menu appears without installing an app.

    A great meal starts with the menu: 

    Appetizing visuals and tasty descriptions make it easier than ever for your diners to decide what they’re hungry for. And it’s available both for iOS & Android in 30+ languages for more people than ever to enjoy. 

    Our POS integrations: 

    The web-based mobile menu allows you to share your menu with any mobile device without having to download an application. Simply scan the QR code with the camera application on your iOS device or the QR scanner on your Android device to view the menu. The Mobile Menu will always reflect the exact version of your menu. Any changes you make are reflected on the QR immediately to make sure that all guests are informed accurately. 

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